Available in USA

Inspired by ‘Coffee and Cigarettes’, the series of short films from Jim Jarmusch, we set out to create a sensory experience that fuels creative conversations.

Aged in ex-bourbon oak barrels for a minimum of two years, Stolen Coffee & Cigarettes is hand-crafted at a world class distillery in the Angostura region of Trinidad.

It is blended with premium natural spices and oils sourced from around the world including Moroccan fenugreek, Madagascan vanilla and Arabica coffee beans from Colombia.

As a finishing touch, we pass the rum through the smoke of American Hardwood.   

The result is heady and masculine – coffee aromas on the nose with a smoke finish. Best served neat or in any classic rum, rye, or bourbon cocktail.


Smoked Old Fashioned

2 oz Stolen Rum
1 sugar cube
2-3 dashes of bitters
Orange Slice

METHOD: Place the sugar in rocks glass and douse with the bitters; add a few drops of water, stir until cube dissolves. Add Stolen Spiced and large ice cube. Stir, garnish, with a slice of orange.